Chapter 363: One Should Be Enough

Chapter 363: One Should Be Enough

In this legacy zone, heaven and earth were currently cloaked in darkness!

The sky was leaden, a perfect complement to the pitch-black lands that stretched out below it. However, serving as a perfect foil to the darkness were the brilliant beams of light that were breaking out in multiple locations within the dimension.

Those beams of light all contained cultivators, and the brilliance they cast instantly illuminated the murky world around them.

Because of the new light, it was now possible to see that the dimension wasn’t very large. Furthermore, in the exact center of it, there was a mountain with a peak so tall it pierced the clouds. It was so immense that anyone looking up at it would feel like a tiny insect.

The surface of the mountain was covered with numerous sealing marks, which moments ago had been the same color as the surface of the mountain itself. However, the arrival of the cultivators caused them...

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