Chapter 357: Malicious Intentions

Chapter 357: Malicious Intentions

Chaotic fighting was unfolding. After the River-Defying Sect’s Nascent Soul cultivators appeared, even more shadowy figures emerged to join the struggle.

All of those figures had been concealing their auras to prevent the River-Defying Sect from identifying them. Furthermore, it wasn’t just a single group of people; there were four groups!

Even as the fighting broke out, the Blood Ancestor’s eyes opened, revealing the maddened gaze of Bai Xiaochun. Bruiser was his son, and as a father, it enraged him to see people bullying him. He simply couldn’t stand it that people were trying to steal Bruiser’s Violet Core!

“Screw the hell off!!” he roared through the mouth of the Blood Ancestor. Rumbling sounds echoed to the highest heavens as the Blood Ancestor’s right hand clenched into a fist and unleashed a fist strike.

That fist strike was powered by the entirety of Bai Xiaochun’s cultivation base; his Heaven-Dao Gold Core joined with his Undying Heavenly King Core to unleash explosive power. The enormous...

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