Chapter 336: Battling Core Formation!

The voice was completely beyond ordinary, and was accompanied by a gale-force wind that shook everything in the area. The ground around Bai Xiaochun shattered, and many objects in the area exploded.

Even Bai Xiaochun was badly shaken, and found himself staggering backward several steps from the force of the sound.

His face flickered as he looked up and saw a young man flying through the air toward him. He had long, wild hair, and his eyes burned red with killing intent as he closed in.

Although his speed couldn’t be counted for much within the Gold Core stage, it was vastly beyond anything Foundation Establishment cultivators were capable of. The majestic sight caused Foundation Establishment cultivators from both sides of the conflict in the jungle to be completely shaken.

Soon, alarmed cries could be heard. “A Gold Core cultivator!!”

The River-Defying Sect had dispatched people to lock down all of the enemy Gold Core experts, to prevent them from attacking the Foundation Establishment cultivators.

And yet, for some unknown reason, a Gold...

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