Chapter 325: The Blood Ancestor’s Eyes Open!

The beating of his heart echoed out into the Blood Ancestor, becoming the Blood Ancestor’s heart. The blood vessels around him began to tremble as his consciousness spread out through them. He could soon sense the Foundation Establishment cultivators in the 108 major acupoints, the prime elders in the 72 apertures, the blood rippers in the 36 meridians, and even the 7 patriarchs who had become the physical soul!

“I... am the Blood Ancestor!” Bai Xiaochun roared. Although his voice couldn’t be heard on the outside, all Blood Stream Division cultivators inside could hear it clearly!

It was like a signal calling out to them, prompting all of them to roar at the tops of their lungs, and unleash all of the blood qi they possessed!

The blood qi began to surge through the Blood Ancestor, starting from the acupoints, then moving through the blood apertures, then the qi passageways, and into the seven physical souls. Then it converged...

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