Chapter 323: Gathering At The Blood Stream Sect!

Now that the patriarchs and the legacy echelon cultivators were back, the final work on the Heavenspan Battleships began. Everyone in the sect helped out as the deva beast spine was used to craft the keels of the ships!

There were a total of three, each one a different size. The largest was 300,000 meters long, and completely awe-inspiring in appearance. It hadn't started moving yet, but it looked like a gigantic mountain that caused all of the Spirit Stream Sect disciples who saw it to tremble in awe and reverence!

And that was just based on its appearance! The largest of the Heavenspan Battleships emanated a shocking aura that surpassed that of a Nascent Soul patriarch. It was at a completely different level altogether; the aura of a deva!

After the Nascent Soul stage was the Deva Realm. This battleship had been made with the spine of a deva beast, and even though it couldn’t necessarily unleash the full might of the Deva Realm, it was still incredibly powerful. It would make their trip up the Heavenspan...

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