Chapter 309: The Profound Stream Sect Surrenders!

“Profound Stream Sect, do you surrender?!” The words of the Blood Stream Sect’s arch-patriarch echoed out in all directions. Simultaneously, orders were passed down to the disciples. The giants powered by the Outer Sect disciples of the Spirit Stream Sect roared as they battered the spell formation, joined by the enormous blood spheres composed of Outer Sect disciples from the Blood Stream Sect.

A huge boom rippled out from this first major attack. The cultivators inside the Profound Stream Sect’s city were having a difficult time continuing to power the spell formation, and were left trembling. And that was only from an attack by the Outer Sect disciples! The sheer numbers involved left the Profound Stream Sect cultivators’ cultivation bases in chaos.

At the same time, the Outer Sect disciples shouted in unison: “Profound Stream Sect, do you surrender?!”

Their voices were like thunder that rattled the hearts and minds of the Profound Stream Sect cultivators. Before they could even begin to do some breathing exercises to recover, a wave of refined corpses,...

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