Chapter 307: Target... Bai Xiaochun!

“So, this is the terrifying level of a tenfold spirit enhancement!!” The patriarchs of the Profound Stream Sect almost couldn’t believe their eyes, and were completely shaken. If people like them had such a reaction, then there was no need to even mention the Profound Stream Sect’s Gold Core cultivators, whose scalps were tingling in astonishment.

Even the Blood Stream Sect cultivators felt their minds reeling. As for the patriarchs, they had known in the past that the Heavenhorn Sword was something to take very seriously, but to see with their own eyes how domineering it was forced them to admit that they had underestimated the signature sword of the Spirit Stream Sect!

“It seems the legends of the tenfold spirit enhancement were true,” the Blood Stream Sect arch-patriarch said. “A tenfold spirit enhancement will produce shocking transformations.... In fact, it’s just short of being a true spirit treasure!”

After joining forces with the Spirit Stream Sect, it was becoming increasingly clear to the Blood Stream Sect that they were adept at concealing their true...

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