Chapter 303: Fighting Lin Mu

For the Profound Stream Sect to attack with their spell formations twice in a row was quite an insult to the prime elders, blood rippers, and legacy echelon cultivators of the Blood Stream Sect and Spirit Stream Sect!

That was especially true for the Blood Stream Sect. Bai Xiaochun’s importance to them had become even more evident as the war went on. The entire sect had experienced an increase in battle prowess and cultivation base. If Bai Xiaochun died, the Blood Stream Sect would be returned to their original state, which was something they couldn’t possibly agree to. Therefore, the prime elders and blood rippers all began resorting to their trump cards to try to take out the sword formations belonging to the other powerful Profound Stream Sect cultivators.

The Core Formation cultivators from the Spirit Stream Sect were doing the same thing, including Li Qinghou, who was already feeling very anxious due to the two deadly situations Bai Xiaochun had just faced. The killing intent in his eyes flickered, and magical images of plants and vegetation appeared around him as he...

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