Chapter 301: Extremely Enraged! (Teaser)

“I don’t care how this war ends, Du Xuemei. You’re gonna die!”

“Du Xuemei is at the peak of Earthstring Foundation Establishment. Killing her would be like ridding the earth of the next Master Limitless!!”

“Du Xuemei, I’ve been thinking about this day from the moment you killed my Junior Brother!” Of the four Foundation Establishment cultivators, some wanted to kill her for revenge, and some wanted to earn merit in battle.

Normally speaking, they would have been worried about Patriarch Limitless showing up. But with the sects all at war, all bets were off, and they had their chance!

As such, they attacked with full force, resorting to any means, fair or foul.

More blood oozed down Xuemei’s chin, and it was laced with blackness; clearly, she had been poisoned. More than half of the Pill Stream Sect had been absorbed by the Profound Stream Sect, and they used poison as a powerful weapon!

Xuemei chuckled bitterly, and her expression flickered with despair. Looking up, she saw her father in the middle of fighting...

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