Chapter 299: Re-Form!

There were some puppets higher up with golden armor, whose shocking power was comparable to the legacy echelon cultivators or the blood rippers. There weren’t many such puppets, but those few that were engaged in the fighting shone like brilliant stars.

There weren’t just Profound Stream Sect cultivators involved in the fighting. Their forces were bolstered by Pill Stream Sect cultivators who had surrendered. Because of that, the Profound Stream Sect was still strong.

The actual battlefield was so wide it was difficult to see one end from the other. It was large enough to accommodate hundreds of thousands of cultivators. In each and every place where people were fighting, deadly struggles played out.

Clearly, the Profound Stream Sect was at a disadvantage, and were suffering setback after setback. If it weren’t for the grand spell formation protecting the city, they would long since have been defeated.

What was most shocking to Bai Xiaochun wasn’t any of that, though. Visible within the spell formation were numerous wooden-faced Pill Stream...

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