Chapter 282: I Really Get It!

The blood masters of Lesser Marsh Peak, Corpse Peak, and Nameless Peak were shaking visibly, and blue veins were bulging out on their necks and faces. They could instantly sense an indescribable pressure crushing down onto them, wresting away their blood master powers!

Their ability to control the cultivators of their own mountain peaks was being taken away, and there was nothing they could do to stop it. In the briefest of instants, they went from occupying a high and lofty position, to being nothing more than ordinary cultivators.

The grand elders of the same three mountain peaks were equally cowed.

Song Junwan’s face paled, and her eyes shone with disbelief. The fact that Bai Xiaochun and Nightcrypt were one and the same was a development that had shaken countless people, but that shock was like nothing compared to what they were experiencing now.


“I'm the blood master of Corpse Peak!!”

“What exactly is going on? I can’t believe a simple gesture on his part can suppress all of us!!”

Considering the blood masters and grand elders were reacting in that way, there was no need to...

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