Chapter 281: Blood Stream Sect, Stand Down This Instant!

Patriarch Droughtflame’s reaction came very quickly, and almost immediately reversed the unfavorable situation which had just sprung up because of Bai Xiaochun.

By defaming the Spirit Stream Sect, he gave the Blood Stream Sect cultivators a reason to sink back into rage.

The three blood masters’ eyes glittered, and it was the same with Song Que and the other important figures in the sect. Three of the blood rippers, as well as some of the prime elders, unhesitatingly shot toward Bai Xiaochun.

The Spirit Stream Sect’s founding patriarch laughed coldly. “Complete hogwash! Bai Xiaochun is a Heaven-Dao cultivator of the Spirit Stream Sect. However, he is young and naïve, and was clearly bewitched by your demonic magic! How dare you try to kidnap him right in front of me! Men, get Bai Xiaochun back to the mountains! I’ll personally expel the Blood Stream Sect’s demonic magic from within him!”

Almost immediately, cultivators from the Spirit Stream Sect side sprang into action,...

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