Chapter 278: The Blood Stream Sect... Arrives!

A roar echoed through the air as an enormous dragon appeared. It was pitch black, with protruding scales and blood-red eyes. It seemed completely and utterly ferocious and deadly.

It was none other than... the Heavenhorn ink dragon!

Bai Xiaochun was completely shaken by what he was seeing, and all of the other disciples of the Spirit Stream Sect felt their minds reeling. Whether it was the ninth mountain peak, the white sun, the legacy echelon cultivators, or the spell formation giants, all of them were things no one had ever seen before.

These were... the true reserve powers of the sect.

This was what the power of a sect truly looked like!

Even as everyone was trembling mentally, the black raven that sat within the white sun suddenly emitted a deafening cry.


It almost sounded like a crying baby, and was so loud that rumbling sounds filled heaven and earth. An arc-shaped shockwave shot through the Luochen Mountains, speeding across heaven and earth toward the territory of the Blood Stream Sect.

The shockwave was like an invisible blast of fury that swept across everything in its path. It flew onward for about 30,000 meters until...

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