Chapter 277: Complete Spell Formation!

After Bai Xiaochun’s giant incarnation faded away, a brief silence followed, and then, a massive uproar filled the Luochen Mountains.

“That was Sect Uncle Bai!!”

“Heavens! Didn’t Sect Uncle Bai just get here? I can’t believe he can already unleash the power of the spell formation....”

Everyone was shaken. Some felt enthusiasm, but others weren’t very happy. Quite a few were jealous!

Shangguan Tianyou’s hands were clenched painfully tight. Gritting his teeth, he forced himself to calm down, then sent his cultivation base power out to familiarize himself with his own spell formation.

He wasn’t the only one that was paying close attention. Ghostfang, Beihan Lie, Xu Song, Gongsun Yun, and many others had already been outdone. During the following days, they did further research and experimentation, and began to follow Bai Xiaochun’s example. Soon, more and more giants began to appear.

Eventually, the tens of thousands of people from the fourth wave were all sent to their spots in the various spell formations. The other eight formations in Bai Xiaochun’s area were now almost completely full. As for his own ninth formation, the other eight people had all shown up one after another. None of them were strangers to Bai Xiaochun; they were...

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