Chapter 276: Daoseed Ninth Formation

Bai Xiaochun’s pupils constricted. This was his first time seeing Gongsun Wan’er after returning to the Spirit Stream Sect, and for some reason, she seemed completely different than he remembered!

The previous Gongsun Wan’er had been pretty, but not charming. The young woman he was looking at now, though, seemed to be charming down to her bones, charming in a way that would make you shiver inside.

Her facial features were the same as before, but she seemed completely different, so different that Bai Xiaochun’s scalp was tingling on the verge of explosion.

Her cultivation base fluctuations were being concealed, but something about her caused his eyes to narrow. Even his blood qi seemed to become sluggish inside of him.

“Something's off!!” Even as Bai Xiaochun’s heart began to pound, Gongsun Wan’er turned and vanished into the crowd. Despite craning his neck and looking around, he was unable to find her again.

Slowly, the alarm he had felt began to fade away. However, he was still very certain about what had just occurred.

“How could Gongsun Wan’er have changed so much!?” Panting, Bai Xiaochun thought back to when he'd looked into her eyes, and how he’d heard...

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