Chapter 262: The Patriarch's Adopted Son!

As soon as the words left Bai Xiaochun’s mouth, the Song Clan patriarch snorted coldly, and then spoke words that echoed as deafeningly as thunder. “Admit to your crimes, Nightcrypt!”

Bai Xiaochun’s cultivation base was trembling, and the intensity of the patriarch's voice caused his face to drain of blood. He felt like he was a tiny rowboat being tossed about by the raging sea that was the patriarch’s fury, a rowboat that could capsize and sink at any moment.

He almost felt like he couldn’t endure, and was even considering using his newfound powers to suppress the patriarch’s cultivation base. But then Song Junwan’s words echoed in his mind. Although he couldn’t be sure if what she’d said was true, after considering everything that had occurred between the two of them, he made his choice. Gritting his teeth, he pushed back against the pressure, lifted his head up and looked directly at the Song Clan patriarch.

“What crimes did Nightcrypt commit!?” he said coldly and slowly, his veins of steel pulsing, blood qi surging.

“The position of Middle Peak blood master belongs...

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