Chapter 260: The Second Blood Ancestor!

They were not memories revealing the origins of the Blood Ancestor, nor were they recollections of his life. They did not include visions of what had occurred upon his death. Apparently, all aspects of the will of the Blood Ancestor had vanished completely.

Perhaps, in the moments before his death, the Blood Ancestor wasn’t worried about trying to possess someone to return to life years later. He only wanted one thing.... To pass on his legacy!

His legacy... of the Undying Live Forever Technique!!

Apparently, the Blood Ancestor felt that the legacy of the Undying Live Forever Technique was even more important than his own life!

Insane rumbling sounds filled Bai Xiaochun’s mind as the countless lightning bolts from the world poured into him. Soon, the life force he had felt began to fade and dissipate.

As for the lightning bolts, they bored relentlessly into Bai Xiaochun, causing the fragmented memories to gradually solidify into the first portion of the legacy!

That was... the Undying Skin!


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