Chapter 258: Blood-Colored Light From Middle Peak!

Unexpectedly... this young woman... was Du Lingfei!!!

Bai Xiaochun would never forget that face. He couldn’t forget it. This was the very same person who had gone missing all those years ago... Du Lingfei!

Bai Xiaochun felt like his mind was spinning, as if his heart were being battered by massive waves of shock. Never could he possibly have imagined that such a familiar face would be beneath that mask.

At the same time, when Bai Xiaochun said “boo”, the unmasked Xuemei was equally shaken. An indescribable expression gripped her face, as though she had just been struck by lightning from heaven. She also felt as if waves of shock were battering her heart and mind.

There was only one person who would ever call her such a thing, and that was... Bai Xiaochun from the Spirit Stream Sect!

“Bai Xiaochun!?!?” she blurted.

She had long since come to believe that she would never see Bai Xiaochun again. Back when they had parted, she had wished that she could sever her own thoughts, erase...

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