Chapter 257: Boo!?!?

While Bai Xiaochun was in the middle of fighting Xiao Qing, Yang Hongwu, and Zhang Yunshan, Song Junwan was barreling down the Ancient Blood Path thanks to the help provided by Bai Xiaochun. She even burned some of her own life blood to speed up as she pursued Xuemei.

Up ahead, Xuemei frowned as she also accelerated. However, the fact that Song Junwan was burning her life blood ensured that she only got closer and closer. Soon, she was close enough to launch an attack, and the two of them started fighting.

As the fighting began, Song Junwan’s face was paler than ever. Surprisingly, not only were Xuemei’s injuries completely healed, her cultivation base also seemed to have made some progress, putting her on almost exactly the same level as Song Junwan. Because of their fierce fighting, the two women slowed down, and soon they could hear booms and explosions coming from behind them. There were also words being spoken, but because of the intense rumbling sounds, it was impossible to hear them clearly.

Song Junwan’s expression flickered. Although she cared about the blood master title, she was also worried about Nightcrypt. After all, for him to simultaneously fight Xiao Qing, Yang Hongwu, and Zhang Yunshan would put him in great danger.

The fact that he was putting his life on the line...

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