Chapter 243: Nightcrypt, I'm Jia Lie, And You're Dead!

The entire world, including the sky and the land, was the color of blood. Plants, trees, mountains; everything was crimson as far as the eye could see.

Off in the distance was a blood-colored desert, and the very end of which was an oasis which was also the color of blood, that led to an ocean.

In the middle of that ocean was a mountain, the peak of which pierced the clouds.

That mountain was where the will of the world was located, and whichever cultivator climbed it first would win the approval and blessing of the world. That person would then be able to leave, with the approval of the Blood Ancestor, and qualified to enter the second stage.

There were countless worlds inside of the Blood Ancestor, but Xuemei and Song Junwan had both brought twenty Dharma protectors. Of the total of forty Dharma protectors, in the end, only twenty would be qualified to proceed.

Obviously, the number of Dharma protectors who Xuemei and Song Junwan ended up with would determine who had the advantage in the second stage.

Xuemei’s Dharma protectors had entered the crevice first, and the one who had selected this particular...

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