Chapter 235: Plaguedevil's Here

“The last time I used dragonchimp grass, I could only use one blade, but this time I’m gonna put in ten!

“Firecloud pears, huh? Let’s put in twenty of them!

“So, it calls for starlight leaf? It says half a leaf should do, but with an incredible pill furnace like this, that’s definitely not enough. I'm putting in ten.” Murmuring to himself, he continued to circle the edge of the pill furnace, tossing in one type of medicinal plant after another. After making minor adjustments here and there, he would add more plants.

Bloodflame stones poured out of his bag of holding to land underneath the pill furnace, providing intense heat. However, this was no ordinary pill furnace. Other pill furnaces would have turned bright red from the heat, but this one hardly seemed to be getting hot at all.

Seeing that, Bai Xiaochun got even more excited than before. He was slowly immersing himself in his medicine concocting, tossing more and more medicinal plants into the mix, doing nothing to prevent the medicinal strength from growing rapidly. At the same time, he was completely engrossed in making calculations regarding the medicine formula.

He felt completely...

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