Chapter 231: The Senior Generation Isn’t Perfect....

Song Que sped along at top speed, radiating killing intent, completely confident that his aunt would take the lead in presiding over justice. She would either kill Nightcrypt or force him to submit to Song Que.

“I'm the firstborn of the Song Clan! If it weren’t for Bai Xiaochun from the Spirit Stream Sect, I would have definitely reached Heaven-Dao Foundation Establishment. Then I wouldn’t have to help Aunt Junwan become blood master; I would have been able to take the spot myself!” He was like a streak of light speeding toward the upper finger.

“Well, I can’t do anything about that now. Besides, Aunt Junwan only wants to become the blood master for strategic purposes, to make sure that Xuemei doesn’t take the spot. Just wait until I'm in late Foundation Establishment, then I can fight for the position of blood master on my own. This piddling Nightcrypt! If I can make use of him in the future, I will, but if he refuses to accept my good graces, I’ll kill him and make sure he never gets a proper burial!” More confident than ever, he rumbled along through the upper finger toward Grand Elder Song Junwan’s immortal's cave behind the blood lake.

Once he was behind the waterfalls, he saw the four...

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