Chapter 229: Plaguedevil’s Name Spreads Far And Wide

Howling, Xu Xiaoshan flew up into the air and slammed into Blood Master Windcliff. Bai Xiaochun used that opportunity to flee, although by this point he was getting a bit angry.

“Windcliff,” he shouted, “before I started concocting, I told you that there could be problems. You personally said not to worry at all! What do you think you’re doing? You might be a blood master, but don’t think that Nightcrypt is afraid of you!”

He was actually very nervous, but he pretended to be simply furious, and even intentionally erupted with a murderous aura. At the same time, he raised his right hand up into the air, within which was a medicinal pill bottle.

“This is the tier-4 Inverse Blood Corpse Refining Pill you wanted me to make!” In the middle of grappling with Xu Xiaoshan, Blood Master Windcliff looked over at Bai Xiaochun, and was forced to suppress the rage he felt.

The truth was that he really had uttered such words. Although he had never imagined that the current situation would have resulted, he was a blood master, and was capable of being cold and callous. A moment later, his anger faded, and he smiled so broadly his eyes narrowed.

“I was being a bit rash,” he said. “Junior Brother Nightcrypt,...

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