Chapter 223: Flying Furnaces Fill the Firmament

Bai Xiaochun’s heart was pounding with nervousness. The exploding pill furnace had not only been shocking, but also a very close call....

“If I had been just a bit slower, it would have blown up my immortal's cave! But that’s not the scariest part. I might have lost my poor little life! That would have been a tragedy.” Bai Xiaochun ducked his head down, trying to look apologetic to the furious crowd around him. He quickly made some adjustments to the cave’s spell formation, and then hurried back inside.

There, he braced himself to face a mob, but after an entire day passed, nothing happened. Surprised, he waited even longer, but no one ever showed up.

“Weird.... Oh well. I guess it doesn’t matter. I’ll just keep concocting. Now why did that pill furnace explode?” Sitting down cross-legged, he rubbed his chin thoughtfully.

What he didn’t know was that the reason nobody came looking for him was because of how people called him Nightdevil. He was already completely infamous, and although people wanted to go call him to account, the way he had slaughtered people with the blood sword left them no choice but to grit...

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