Chapter 220: Holy Pill Wall Fragment

Taking advantage of the darkness of night, Bai Xiaochun left Middle Peak. Going down to the bottom of the giant’s hand, he actually left the Blood Stream Sect and went to the bank of the Heavenspan River. Considering his current status and level, getting some Heavenspan River water wasn’t very difficult. All he had to do was make up a random reason, and the cultivators guarding the way would let him pass. After arriving, he collected ten drops of water.

Soon, he had a small cup full, which he carefully took back to his immortal's cave and then began to absorb.

A few days later, the water was inside of him, above his fourth spiritual sea. At that point, he ended this session of cultivation.

“Next, I need to fully merge the Heavenspan River water into my spiritual sea. Once that happens, I can step into late Foundation Establishment!” Excited, he left his immortal’s cave, hands clasped behind his back as he soliloquized proudly to himself.

“Now that I'm in mid Foundation Establishment, I’m even more awesome than before!

“Becoming a grand elder doesn't seem so impossible now....” He looked up at the upper finger of Middle Peak. It was really depressing to know...

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