Chapter 210: Grand Elder, Please Behave Yourself!

Bai Xiaochun sighed and looked down at his immortal's cave, pondering his miserable existence. Since arriving in the Blood Stream Sect, he’d had two immortal's caves destroyed.

“These people are savages! One slip of the tongue and they destroy your immortal's cave!” Shaking his head, he looked over furiously at the blood trees.

The blood trees had been completely useless; they’d been so scared that they didn’t even offer a warning. Now that he was glaring at them, they were shivering and attempting to look as ingratiating as possible.

Bai Xiaochun was not in a good mood. After glaring at the trees well and good, he warned them that if something like this happened again, he would tear them up by the roots once and for all. After the trembling trees promised that they would behave better in the future, Bai Xiaochun finally let them off the hook.

It took the rest of the night to clean up the mess that was the remains of his immortal's cave. Around dawn, he used spiritual power to repair some of the damage, and then used the rest of the day to ...

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