Chapter 203: You Really Think I'm Scared Of You People?!

There weren’t even a hundred Foundation Establishment cultivators surrounding him, only a few dozen. Furthermore, most of them were in early Foundation Establishment, although a handful were in mid Foundation Establishment.

Thankfully, the mid Foundation Establishment cultivators only had grim looks on their faces, and didn’t actually attack. They had a different status than the early Foundation Establishment crowd, and for them to join everyone else in trying to attack Bai Xiaochun would be too much of a loss of face.

Even without them, though, there were still dozens of Foundation Establishment Dharma protectors and elders, who were powerful enough to shake heaven and earth. Furthermore, in the Blood Stream Sect, there was no such thing as debate and discussion; there was only the law of the jungle!

Provoke me, and die!

It was completely different from the Spirit Stream Sect. Here, the only thing that mattered was strength!

Bai Xiaochun’s actions had enraged the people from Middle Peak, and now they were attacking him with deadly force that far surpassed anything from the Qi Condensation stage. Divine abilities...

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