Chapter 200: Young Lady Xuemei, What A Coincidence...

Xuemei became a beam of light that shot through the night at astonishing speed, whistling through the air toward Middle Peak. Almost instantly, Middle Peak filled with echoing rumbles.

Xuemei had always been a very domineering figure in the sect. That was simply how she acted, and others had always accepted that since her father was Patriarch Limitless.

Xuemei had come to realize that years ago, and thus, always did everything in intentionally overbearing fashion. As she arrived, the rumbling in the lower finger of Middle Peak caused all of the Foundation Establishment Dharma protectors and elders to emerge from their immortal's caves. Shocked, they looked up to see Xuemei flying through the air.

She whistled along, just barely visible within the blood-colored light that surrounded her. Anyone who looked closely might be able to see her eyes beneath her blood-colored mask, flickering with cold arrogance!

Everyone was instantly shaken.

“I can’t believe Young Lady Xuemei has returned to Middle Peak!”

“Technically, she’s an elder of Middle Peak, but she doesn’t get along with Grand Elder Song Junwan, so she almost never appears here!”

“Eee? Where is she headed...?”

As people turned to look in the direction she was flying, they realized that there was a large accumulation of blood qi there. In fact, much of the blood qi on the...

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