Chapter 198: You’re Plotting Against Me!

The days went by, and Bai Xiaochun settled in as a Dharma protector of Middle Peak. He now learned more of certain matters that had been unclear to him before. For example, the war between the Profound Stream Sect and the Pill Stream Sect had expanded from small-scale fighting into large-scale warfare.

As for the Blood Stream Sect, they were already making their own preparations for war, and a murderous aura was slowly building up in the entire sect.

“What’s with all this fighting and killing?” Bai thought. “Why don’t we all just get along and be happy? Wouldn’t it be better to just join forces and go to the Middle Reaches together?” Sighing, he continued with his cultivation, and the absorption of blood qi.

When he absorbed blood qi, it wouldn’t merely rise up from the ground, but would rush toward him from the entire area outside his immortal's cave.

Unfortunately, he didn’t have a top quality immortal's cave, but on the upside, he was in a relatively remote location where nobody else lived. Considering the overbearing way he was...

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