Chapter 196: A Mysterious World

Bai Xiaochun’s reply immediately caused Zhao Wuchang’s heart to tremble. How could this master of his speak with such shocking forwardness…?

All of the other disciples gasped, and then pretended that they hadn’t even heard the Middle Peak grand elder be addressed in such a saucy fashion.

Song Junwan’s eyes went wide. Her first impression was that Nightcrypt was intentionally being disrespectful, but then she saw the gleam of infatuation in his eyes, and smiled flirtatiously. For some reason, he suddenly seemed even more charming than before.

“Big Sis?!” Strange expressions could be seen on the faces of the grand elders from the three other peaks. They looked at Bai Xiaochun, and then at Song Junwan. Finally, they shook their heads and turned to leave. As for Zhao Wuchang, he chose to go to Lesser Marsh Peak.

Before making his way off, the grand elder from Corpse Peak sighed lamentingly.

He truly felt regret that Bai Xiaochun had picked Middle Peak, and also wasn’t quite willing to lose such an exquisite disciple who was clearly connected to Corpse Peak by destiny. Stepping...

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