Chapter 192: Trial By Fire at the Blood Precipice

Months flew by. Bai Xiaochun wasn’t the only person to have already qualified to participate in the Foundation Establishment trial by fire. However, the appointed time for the trial hadn’t arrived yet, so those who accomplished their missions early were forced to bide their time.

Bai Xiaochun didn't sit idly by during those months. He excitedly cultivated the Undying Heavenly King. From the time he had begun to practice cultivation until now, he had never felt like this before; he was under no pressure whatsoever, and was able to diligently focus on his cultivation.

When he cultivated the Undying Heavenly King, his body was filled with a sensation of tingling pain. At first it was very uncomfortable, but by now he’d gotten used to it, and even found it somewhat pleasurable.

Every day, he would spend some time shadowboxing in his immortal's cave to test out his power, and the result was always the same. “Hahaha! I'm getting stronger and stronger. Bring on the pain!”

The sight of the blood qi rising up from the ground always caused his heart to pound with excitement.

“This place is my personal Holy Land. When I cause disasters, I don’t get punished,...

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