Chapter 187: Song Que Has An Aunt....

“A trifling Earthstring Foundation Establishment cultivator gets to be called Young Lady? I'm a Heavenstring Foundation Establishment cultivator, and I don't get to be called Young Lord in the Spirit Stream Sect!” Irritated and envious, Bai Xiaochun took advantage of the moment to ask imposter Nightcrypt what he knew about Xuemei.

Imposter Nightcrypt was trembling in fear because of Xuemei, but once he heard Bai Xiaochun’s question, he immediately launched into an explanation.

“Young Lady Xuemei has a very impressive background. She’s the only daughter of the most recently promoted of the Blood Stream Sect’s eight patriarchs, Patriarch Limitless. She has shocking latent talent, and is even more famous than Song Que!

“When she was in Qi Condensation, she spent most of her time cultivating on Ancestor Peak, and rarely came outside. She must be out and about in the sect now because she's reached Foundation Establishment.

“Patriarch Limitless originally came from Middle Peak, so word has it that Young Lady Xuemei was always supposed to be an elder there. Presumably, she’s going to try to fight for the position of Middle Peak blood master!”

Bai Xiaochun was already struck somewhat speechless by what he...

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