Chapter 186: Cultivation Paradise!

Bai Xiaochun sighed, both sympathizing with Nightcrypt and admiring his readiness to give and take.

“No wonder he became a spy. He’s really quite extraordinary.” Even just thinking about that girl’s face left him sighing.

Before long, he was in Nightcrypt’s immortal's cave, which was located alongside several other Inner Sect disciples’ immortal's caves. It was a simple cave, which led Bai Xiaochun to understand even more clearly how rough a life Nightcrypt had in the sect.

It was only about ten percent as large as Bai Xiaochun’s cave in the Spirit Stream Sect, and didn’t even have an antechamber, let alone a lake or a pill concocting workstation. It was nothing more than a stone chamber with a bed and a meditation mat.

“How did he survive such misery?!” he thought. Shaking his head, he sat down cross-legged to meditate. Outside, the sun was setting. Back in the Spirit Stream Sect, the sect would begin to quiet down at around this time, as disciples settled down to rest for the night.

But the Blood Stream Sect was different. As evening fell, Bai Xiaochun could hear screams echoing out in the air. Apparently, disciples took advantage of the darkness to fight each other with renewed ...

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