Chapter 170: Goddess Lingfei

The young woman wore makeup that made her seem young and pure. However, there was something about her that made it obvious she was a paid courtesan, which lessened her appeal. Overall, though, she was quite beautiful.

Smiling, the burly man hurried over to lead Hou Yunqing to a nearby table. “Brother Yunqing, I’ve been waiting for you. Come, come. Have a seat with me.”

Only when Hou Yunqing gave an apologetic look to Bai Xiaochun did the burly man finally notice him.

“You must be new around here,” he said with a smile. “But you’re a guest nonetheless. Any friend of Yunqing’s is a friend of mine. I'm Li Youdao. This banquet is being held by my Li Clan in honor of Emissary Lingfei. It was a bit rushed, so things aren’t as well planned out as they should have been. Please, forgive me for any inadequacies.” Looking very pleased with himself, he pulled Hou Yunqing and Bai Xiaochun over to the tables, where they all sat down. The young woman sat down quietly next to Li Youdao, looking very lovely and demure.

“Things really were far too rushed,” Li Youdao said. “The only beverage I could get my hands on was this spirit alcohol brewed from tier-1 high-grade spirit medicine....

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