Chapter 169: Hou Yunqing Never Lies

Surprised, Bai Xiaochun turned to look at the young man.

“I am your humble servant, Hou Yunqing,” the young man said politely, a broad smile covering his face. “I happen to be the owner of this little shop. Brother, I can see that you’re an extraordinary person, a dragon amongst men. If you see something you like, Brother, just take it, on the house. Think of it as a gift between friends.” [1. Back in chapter 144, Hou Yunfei mentioned Hou Yunqing, a close relative in his clan]

“Are you serious?!” Bai Xiaochun looked at Hou Yunqing, blinking.

“Of course I'm serious! Hou Yunqing never lies.”

Bai Xiaochun responded with a sarcastic chuckle. Having no reason to refuse a free gift, he casually pointed at the heavenly dragon robe.

The salesperson looked at Hou Yunqing, who smiled and nodded. The salesperson shrugged in disbelief as he handed the heavenly dragon robe over to Bai Xiaochun. Bai Xiaochun threw it on, and immediately looked completely different than before.

Hou Yunqing laughed heartily and said, “Brother, the heavenly dragon robe definitely suits you perfectly. It almost looks as if it was custom tailored just for you! You really know...

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