Chapter 166: Heaven-Dao Foundation Establishment

The Blood Annihilation World was a legacy magic from the Blood Stream Sect’s Middle Peak, and could only be fully unleashed by a Foundation Establishment cultivator. However, even when Song Que was only a Qi Condensation disciple, he had still been able to use some of its might. Now that he had reached Earthstring Foundation Establishment, he was able to fully unleash it.

Even the first form was terrifying. The sword slashed down, and the beam of blood-colored sword light seemed to surpass everything around it, becoming the only thing in heaven and earth as it slashed down toward Bai Xiaochun.

Close examination would reveal that the blood sword was a stream of sword qi, bright and scintillating, seemingly capable of slicing through anything and everything. When Bai Xiaochun’s little wooden sword blocked its path, it shattered into pieces. It didn’t matter that the little wooden sword had a threefold spirit enhancement, completely transforming its base material; it was destroyed in an instant.

The Golden Crow Sword was of higher quality, and had also benefited from the fundamental transformation of a threefold spirit enhancement. When the blood sword hit it, it was flung off to the side.

Song Que howled, madness...

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