Chapter 165: Seizing Heavenstring Energy!

That mountain was actually an indescribably gigantic beast!

In fact, it was so large that no one could even see what it looked like. All they could make out in the 30,000-meter waterswamp was a gigantic bone spur!

Even more terrifying was that the base of the spur wasn’t even visible. 30,000 meters wasn't big enough for the entirety of the spur to be revealed.

It was difficult to imagine... exactly how large that beast was!

“Th-this... this is the Waterswamp Kingdom?!?!”


“The Waterswamp Kingdom is a secret magic of the Spirit Stream Sect, but Bai Xiaochun’s version is completely shocking!!” The five Chosen were completely shaken. Ghostfang and Beihan Lie had it a bit better off than the others; they had been prepared for something like this. Even still, they were astonished by what was happening.

As for Nine-Isles and Xu Xiaoshan, they had never seen anything like the Waterswamp Kingdom before, and were so terrified that their scalps were numb.

Most shocked of all was Shangguan Tianyou. His hair was completely disheveled, and blood was oozing out of his mouth. He was so scared he looked like a wooden chicken; never in 10,000 years would he be willing to admit that Bai Xiaochun...

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