Chapter 149: Whether Sect Uncle Bai Wants It To Or Not

“That’s not a banesoul, that’s an evil ghost!” Heart pounding with fear, Bai Xiaochun fled at top speed. Moments ago, when his gaze met the young girl’s, he had instantly been filled with a sensation of deadly crisis. The feeling had been so intense that it felt like every inch of his flesh and every drop of his blood was screaming in terror.

He was filled with the premonition that if he ran any slower, he would die!

That deathly feeling left him shaking visibly, panting, his eyes bloodshot as he pushed forward faster and faster, flying ever deeper into the depths of the Fallen Sword World.

The next day, he looked over his shoulder to confirm that he wasn’t being chased by any banesouls, especially the little girl. When he saw that he was alone, he let out a long sigh of relief. However, fear still lingered in his heart regarding the events of the previous day.

“Something was really fishy about that girl in the white dress!” he thought, scowling miserably. “At first she looked like all the other banesouls, but after she ate that mystery pill, her aura completely changed! Just where exactly did I go wrong with that batch of pills?”

He thought about...

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