Chapter 1308: Guidance. Beginning.

Time continued to pass. The presence of plants seemed to mark the beginning of a new age. In different worlds, the plants would be different colors and shapes, and would behave differently due to the different magical laws. But in the end, they were all still plants. Countless varieties of plants.

Plants filled the oceans and the lands, the mountains and the hills. Everything….

Over the course of the following tens of thousands of years, the sun shone down onto the bacteria, soft-bodied creatures, and plants, who were now the rulers of the various worlds that filled the starry sky!

Eventually, fish appeared in the oceans, as well as creatures who could live on the shores of the waters, but could not venture far from it. One day, Bai Xiaochun’s ‘eyes’ out in the starry sky spotted what looked like frogs or toads, and yet, were different...

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