Chapter 1307: Starting Point

There is a force which exists in all people. In some, it can be abundant without limit. In others, it can be scarce to the extreme. It can propel some people to the point of shaking heaven and earth, and in other people, it can weaken them to the point of collapsing forever.

It can give rise to endless determination, or it can remove it in an instant.

That force comes from focus.

Bai Xiaochun’s focus, his obsession, was to extract the Eternal Immortal Domains from the River of Time and Space. It was a focus that bordered on insanity, and instantly became the most important aspect of his life.

“If there is no Eternal, then I will create it!

“If there is no Essence, then I will create it!

“If there is no life, then I will create it!” 

As he looked in the direction where the Eternal Immortal Domains...

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