Chapter 1306: Merciless Allheaven

There wasn’t even time to for him to tremble. Under the power of the mysterious fourth finger strike, he collapsed into ashen sparks that attempted to flee. The mysterious energy continued to pursue the ash and wipe it away, but it was tenacious, and moments later, formed back into Holy Extermination. This time, his eyes flickered with fear as he once again fled.

However, there was no way for him to escape his fate of death. The mysterious energy smashed at him again, reducing him to ashes yet another time. When the ashes formed back into a human shape again, Holy Extermination was far weaker than before. 

This process repeated itself over and over again.

Before long, his legs could not reform, nor his arms or legs. Eventually, the only thing that remained was half of his torso, and his head.

“I refuse to accept this!!” he howled bitterly. Moments before, he had been only a step away from succeeding, and becoming Eternal. But now… it was in completely unexpected fashion that he found himself crushed in defeat.

Then, even as...

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