Chapter 1303: Bitter And Desperate

It was the final battle!

If the Mortal Renegade won, then the Eternal Immortal Domains would be consumed. The Eternal World would be plundered, and the Mortal Renegade would use the Essence of the Eternal to reach the Eternal Realm!

The so-called Holy Extermination would take advantage of the rebirth of the Mortal Renegade to escape the dying Eternal Spirit World, to surpass his previous unknown cultivation level, and then slaughter the Never-Ending Dao Domain!

Bai Xiaochun knew all of that. Although he wasn’t sure exactly what the Never-Ending Dao Domain was, he did know… that the people there feared the Eternal Spirit World!

More specifically, they feared the Essence of the Eternal!

Fully aware of all of this, Bai Xiaochun looked at the Mortal Renegade with glittering eyes. And then, the Mortal Renegade made his move, lunging forward with...

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