Chapter 1302: Essence of the Eternal

The ruins of the Immortal World shone with dazzling light as, in the rest of the 1,080,000 worlds, the Mortal Renegade’s Dao clones suffered defeat after defeat. In fact, in many of the ruins, Bai Xiaochun’s Dao clones were sending out enough light to drive away the darkness!

Because of the varying levels of light in different areas, it was no longer possible to assess the struggle between Bai Xiaochun and the Mortal Renegade merely by counting how many sets of ruins had been occupied by whom. However, if one could look down on the starry sky from an enormously high vantage point, they would see… brightness overtaking darkness in numerous locations!

Although the locations of the light were scattered randomly, the percent of the whole that was filled with light was now close to seventy!

The whole...

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