Chapter 1301: That’s It?

The Mortal Renegade had fought Bai Xiaochun using his Vile-Emperor clone, and had faced his Waterswamp Kingdom on that occasion. But at that time, his true form had been asleep, and the clone had been unable to provide detailed feedback about the encounter.

Therefore, this was the Mortal Renegade’s first time encountering the Waterswamp Kingdom in person!

He couldn’t help but be shaken by the vicious and violent crocodilian turtle, and the terrifying energy fluctuations emanating off of it. Perhaps if he hadn’t seen the ancient historical events playing out around that vortex, it might have been a different story. But he had witnessed with his own eyes how that crocodilian turtle had been dispatched from beyond this starry sky, and had been sent with a specific mission.

The mere fact that Bai Xiaochun could summon it was profoundly shocking to the Mortal Renegade. However, despite understanding...

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