Chapter 1299: Restoring Allheaven

The tempest of time once again swept over Bai Xiaochun and the Mortal Renegade, this time in even more majestic fashion than before. When it cleared, the two of them were some distance away from each other. And instead of immediately lunging toward Bai Xiaochun like he had in the past, the Mortal Renegade looked around in surprise.

Bai Xiaochun could also sense something astonishing, and looked around with wide eyes!

Some distance away in the starry sky was an immense vortex, vastly larger than the Mortal Renegade’s previous enormous giant form.

Within that swirling vortex was a strange aura that was not of the Eternal World!!

Even more shocking was that, as Bai Xiaochun looked over, he clearly saw an ancient, decrepit battleship, seemingly struggling to emerge from the vortex!!

Bai Xiaochun recognized that battleship! It was the very same...

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