Chapter 1295: Hourglass Precious Treasure

In the past, Bai Xiaochun feared death, because he wanted to live forever!

In the past, he didn’t understand why there had to be things like fighting and killing!

But that was the past. Although he still retained some of that past innocence in his heart, he had grown up. He was a sovereign now, and he knew that if he wanted to live forever, he could not allow himself to fear death!

He knew that if he wanted to put an end to fighting and killing, then he had to be completely invincible!

Eyes bloodshot, he faced the nine vortexes and threw his hands out in front of him, causing his sovereign aura to blaze.

Then, he performed a quick incantation gesture, and spoke in a low voice.


Instantly, his Sutra of Former Reincarnation appeared. The nine vortexes, which contained power...

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