Chapter 1294: Fighting The Mortal Renegade

“The Dao of radiance and light?” the Mortal Renegade growled. Although his eyes were like black holes, they still managed to flicker as cold as ice. After his hand was shoved back by the backlash attack, it began to glow with a darkness reminiscent of midnight, and then descended once again!

It now pulsed with even greater power than before, causing everything around it to collapse. The living creatures in the Eternal Immortal Domains all coughed up blood, and many of the mountains which had been floating up into the air shattered.

Terrifying fluctuations rolled out that seemed capable of destroying anything and everything, and seemed just on the verge of completely overwhelming the Eternal Immortal Domains. However, after Bai Xiaochun rose to his feet, he began to fly upward...

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