Chapter 1291: The Mortal Renegade Awakens!

Daoist Heavenspan had perished!

Back in the Heavenspan Realm, his spectacular talent, his immense power, and his profound scheming had brought ruin to Arch-Emperor City. He very nearly ended the succession of the Arch-Emperors, and brought about the existence of the Wildlands. In the end, he personally destroyed the Heavenspan Realm…. Now, his life was nothing but a thing of the past. He was now ash drifting in the starry sky, his soul gone forever.

No one had heard his final words, and no one would ever know whether he thought it had all been worth it, or not.

No one would ever know what would have happened if the gravekeeper had violated the ancient stipulations, and actually allowed Daoist Heavenspan...

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