Chapter 1290: Was It Worth It?

This world technically did contain a bit of qi flow, in much the same way that the Immortal World had contained just a scrap, which Bai Xiaochun took away and used to reach the Archaean Realm. But now, none of that qi flow was available for Daoist Heavenspan.

As soon as Song Que awoke, he performed an incantation gesture, sending the mountain of Dao Essence rumbling through the river with crushing force toward Daoist Heavenspan.

Daoist Heavenspan had just been about to start another charge, only to find the mountain now barreling toward him. Furthermore, Song Que took control of the river, causing it to seemingly come to life.

Instantly, the flow of the river reversed, simultaneously shifting to encircle Daoist Heavenspan.

At the same time, the mountain of Dao Essence expanded, growing tremendously large and radiating the power of Essence as it descended.

“Dammit!!” Although the projected face of the Mortal Renegade could withstand the force, Daoist Heavenspan, who was...

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