Chapter 1287: Ambitious And Ruthless

Daoist Heavenspan had inherited the Dao of the Mortal Renegade, and become his personal apprentice. With the requisite approval, he had become a half-sovereign, and yet, as of this moment, he was nearly overwhelmed with a sensation of deadly crisis!

Of the two enemies he faced, both were half-sovereigns like himself. Although the Saint-Emperor wasn’t enough on his own, Song Que had already died in the past. Later, Bai Xiaochun placed him in the tower with the Dao Essence of Life and Death, with which he conformed perfectly. After absorbing it, something which was foul and rotten was turned into something rare and magical, and he was able to live again within death!!

The moment he opened his eyes, he became the apprentice of the Worldly Daoist. And in fact, had the Worldly Daoist not already perished, then when Song Que awoke, he wouldn’t have been...

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